Maintaining Relationship with God

MorningStar Church @ Texas  ( 1 / 27 / 02 )

exodus 40:34-38

God moves when He is ready not we are ready. God appearance in our life is tangible - cloud in day & pillar of fire in night.

We often have our heels dug in the camp ground & we don't want to move when God moves.

We often stick to His calls but tend to ignore when the Cloud is moved.

We want to be where the Cloud is.

To know that we have to have good relationship with God, 7 steps to a meaningful relationship with God

  1. Begin & end everyday loving Jesus. Make confession on what ever it is to maintain love with Jesus.
    * Worship. Sing hum whisper sing dance tap do anything to worship God.
    * Words. do everything with God's words. We have to do things different to allow God makes change in our life.

  2. Keep a short accounts with God.
    If you have a sin in our life we are apart from God, we have to allow Spirit to change it.
    Sins make our believe religious (we are deceived by sin and we can't see our own fault)

  3. Keep short accounts with other. Be open to other
    *We are a product of the decision we made, how to make change is advices by God daily.
    *Don't be a judger, be a lover & forgiver.

  4. Be a worshipper of God.
    Object of being Christian is growing & change, not smart.
    Worshiping is the way to getting closer to God. Human are designed to worship something, if not something it will be themselves.
    Ephesian 5: 15-20
    Now a day Worship is change, 15 years ago this type of worship is only in Pentecost/charismatic church but now, most church are worship this way because the Cloud is moved.
    Praying in Holy Spirit will be normal in couple next ten years.

  5. Learn to "cash in" on the moment.
    How we live our life when He cone.
    Learn how to master the moment.

  6. Take personality of our spiritual life.
    We are where we at because we make our choice.
    It's not other people words that determine our life but our reaction to that circumstance.
    * Our real (bad) character comes out when we hurts or feel defensive. These are parts God's really want to change us.
    * When someone cursing you, take David's heart, perhaps it's the Lord.

  7. Give your whole heart to Jesus,
    * What is it when your heart long for?
    * What is it when people start conversation and we love to talk about?
    * What has all the power of your will?  What has adoration of your heart?  


P' Peng


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